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Address: R-16C, Dunhuang                Building, ZhuZiLin                Futian District,                Shenzhen,Guangdong                China.

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Acepow LiPo

Starting to test a new LiPo brand/battery from Acepow in China.

Gens ace 2200mAh 25c 3s LiPo. I have cycled it slowly to run them in, see the capacity and matching of cells. Without have taking the battery apart yet, i can see that it is very well made, with good protection on both ends of the pack, exit of the balans wires are also very well protected. Matching of the cells is almost perfect, despite the fact that i discharged it on the below graf to 3v/cell, they end up with almost exactly same voltage.

This pack is rated to 5C charge,and i think there will be no problem to fast charge this battery.

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Gens ace 2600mah 22.2V 25C Lipo battery on T-REX 500

Big Squid RC

Ace 5000 mah 40c- No, I had never heard of Ace packs either until the test started, but they insisted that they had something special and wanted in the shootout. So is their pack something special? Well, it won the coveted voltage under load test, won the capacity test, and tied with the Common Sense pack for third in the mod driving test. The Ace is a fantastic performer both on the bench and on the track. Now, availability in the states might not be the easiest thing in the world, but if you can get one in your hands, you’ll be very happy that you did.


Canadian distributor of Gens ace, click on the logo and contatct with Hi-performances for Ace serie products.


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Gens Ace 5000mah 2S 40C LiPo reviewed

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Gens Ace Rc Battery Review
Gens Ace Rc Battery Review

Gensace LiPo Battery is the #1
Gensace LiPo Battery is the #1


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