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E-mail:  info@gensace.com

Address: R-16C, Dunhuang                Building, ZhuZiLin                Futian District,                Shenzhen,Guangdong                China.

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Activity News List
  ID  Title Time
  1 Wanna join Gens Ace? We are seeking for our team members in Germany! 2012-03-02

  2 Gens Ace sucht jetzt noch Hubschrauber Piloten 2012-02-26

  3 Attention to the New Stars from Gens Ace! 2012-01-15

  4 Gens ace is looking for agent in Australia 2011-12-13

  5 Lucky seven days! 2011-11-24

  6 Gens Ace sponsorship programme starts (for EUR fans) 2011-11-07

  7 Job chance: We are seeking for elites working in Germany, if you are interested, pls come join us! 2011-07-08

  8 GOOD NEWS: Gens Ace motors and ESC are ready to ship now! 2011-06-24

  9 We will public the Lucky List on 5th,July and deliver the batteries to the testers around 15th,July. 2011-06-24

  10 Christopher Krapp re-signs with Kyosho 2011-06-15

  11 Hupo wins Euros Warmup & Cyril takes French title 2011-06-06

  12 Photos of 2011 Beijing model show 2011-05-05

  13 Congratulations to mz-racing Owner Michal got fourth 2011-03-21

  14 2011 Beijing Model Show 2011-03-11

  15 5 types of Gens ace RC batteries have been approved by ROAR 2011-02-09

  16 Lipo Shootout 3 2010-12-03

  17 Li-po Battery shootout2! - by Big squid 2010-07-29

  18 Ace Team Driver - Kevin Taylor 2010-07-27

  19 2010 China(Beijing) Model Exhibition 2010-05-08

  20 2010“ACE CUP”Electric off-road Grandprix--Shanghai Stop. 2010-04-04

  21 2010 Shanghai International Model Exhibition 2010-04-03

  22 2009 Shanghai International Model Exhibition 2009-06-06


Company Recruitment Info
Part-time offer:
Part-time is needed for our RC battery selling & brand promotion online in your local area. If you have the interest & free time, then wait for what? Join us! but before that please provide your info as below:
a. your CV
b. your location
c. your experience in RC community

Distributors wanted:
Acepow Electronics has already been wellknown in China. We are holding the leading position within the rank of Top 3 in China. Now we are launching the project for our own brand on overseas RC market with high performance. Should you have interest to join us, please kindly contact us by below email address:
info@gensace.com or battery.ace@gmail.com
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Gens Ace Rc Battery Review
Gens Ace Rc Battery Review

Gensace LiPo Battery is the #1
Gensace LiPo Battery is the #1


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